The peanut is a legume very rich in protein, which has many health benefits, in addition to having that particular taste that allows it to impose itself from starter to dessert, from breakfast to dinner. Whether as an aperitif, as a sauce or as a smoothie, there are 1001 ways to associate peanuts with our diet. Eaten in small quantities, it provides many vitamins and minerals our body needs.


First of all, peanuts grow underground like potatoes, at temperatures ranging from 10 to 40°C.

Getting to know the peanut

Originating from South America, peanuts are eaten all over the world, particularly in Asia and America.

in figures

A peanut plant can produce up to 1000 flowers, but only 20% of them will produce a ripe fruit.

Peanuts and nutrition

Peanuts have many nutritional benefits: protein, fibre, unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins and minerals.

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