Kahuet, real peanut paste


Discover Kahuet, the peanut paste which, in addition to the pleasure of taste, will provide you with healthy nutrients that will help to maintain energy throughout the day. Kahuet, it’s good for morale, it’s good for taste buds, it’s good for health!


Kahuet, real peanut paste

Kahuet is a peanut paste composed mainly of peanuts (more than 98.5%) and including a non-palm oil emulsifier and a touch of salt that can be used in cooking, baking or spreading.

– Kahuet glass jar 500g
– Kahuet preserves with plastic snap lid (215g, 425g and 850g)
– Kahuet buckets in 2.5kg or 5kg sizes

In our Kahuet peanut paste, we do not add sugar because our peanut butters are naturally delicious with a low level of saturated fatty acids and a high protein content. Thanks to its natural appearance and its finely roasted peanut taste, Kahuet peanut paste will delight all palates. Find all our recipes to put Kahuet in every sauce, for the pleasure of young and old gourmets.

Kahuet, les différents conditionnements

The Kahuet brand, guaranteed palm oil free

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Kahuet is a peanut paste without sugar and palm oil… A taste of finely roasted peanut that will delight all palates. It can be used sweet or salty and help to enhance your culinary preparations thanks to its unparalleled aromas.

To consume Kahuet peanut paste is to take part in the ecological transition since its cultivation regenerates the soil, consumes little water thanks to the depth of the roots of the plant and has a GHG (greenhouse gas) emission that is similar to other legumes and much lower than meat production.

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