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Choosing Nut Expert guarantees a range of products that are environmentally friendly and sustainable. The use of recyclable materials and the constant commitment to both our suppliers and customers, all enables the production of quality products that contribute to a healthy diet of plant proteins.

the organic

Discover BIONUT, the fully organic spread range, a source of plant proteins, which combines healthy nutrition with the pleasure of savoring.

Kahuet, healthy and tasty peanut butters

Discover Kahuet, healthy, tasty and palm oil free peanut butters, rich in proteins to accompany you throughout the day.

Kahuet, real peanut paste

Discover Kahuet, the sugar-free and palm oil-free peanut paste, full of healthy nutrients to help you maintain energy throughout the day.

DCR and AYA, peanut pastes

Discover DCR and AYA, the peanut paste that you can use on toast as well as in cooking. DCR and AYA are the peanut pastes for all kinds of sauces.


Peanut powder
and peanut flakes have many uses (baking, sauces, smoothies, etc.).

Products to your brand

Do you want to market a range of peanut butters to your brand? Nut Expert will accompany you.

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